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Today’s Grocer: How Can Grocers Measure eCommerce Success?

We’re more than halfway through the year, which means it’s time for grocers to evaluate their 2018 eCommerce strategy thus far and make sure they’re hitting their targets. Online shopping behavior produces a wealth of insightful information for grocery retailers and is an essential tool for reviewing the state of your eCommerce offering. From the amount of time visitors spend on a grocer’s eCommerce site and how much they spend, to the channels they navigate to get onto your site, and how often they follow this same shopper journey.

Petabytes of data (one million gigabytes, to be precise) are available to help grocers drive the best performance possible from their grocery eCommerce site. Yet, plenty of marketers struggle to make efficient and effective use of this data, losing out on opportunities to turn more consumers into paying customers and drive better eCommerce returns in the process.

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Sylvain Perrier
Sylvain Perrier is President & Chief Executive Officer at Mercatus. He has more than fifteen years’ executive-level experience in retail technology, and has dedicated his career to driving the success of grocery retailers with pragmatic, easy-to-use technology.

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