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Winsight Grocery Business: How Does the U.S. Compare to Grocery E-Commerce Worldwide?

There’s no denying that e-commerce is driving a lot of change in the grocery industry. This is especially true as grocery retailers realize that understanding their customers’ wants and meeting their expectations with easy and convenient options is absolutely necessary. From my perspective, Amazon’s push to be a dominant player in online grocery sales has led other grocers to expand their e-commerce offerings as well. Industry growth is qualified by FMI Research’s recent study, which predicts that grocery e-commerce will capture 20% of total grocery retail by 2025, reaching $100 billion in consumer sales.

While grocery e-commerce is growing exponentially, there are differing projections on the penetration of the U.S. market and how it compares worldwide. For grocery retailers to understand this dynamic marketplace and what they must do to remain competitive, it’s worth looking at how and why the grocery landscape is changing around the world.

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Sylvain Perrier
Sylvain Perrier is President & Chief Executive Officer at Mercatus. He has more than fifteen years’ executive-level experience in retail technology, and has dedicated his career to driving the success of grocery retailers with pragmatic, easy-to-use technology.

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