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Food Dive: Knowing your audience is key to grocers’ success

In any industry, knowing your audience is the key to success. This is especially true when it comes to today’s grocery retail landscape. While technology adoption is quickly changing the way that grocers do business, it doesn’t mean that every retailer immediately needs to go out and adopt every piece of technology. In fact, some retailers’ shoppers might not be ready to adapt to these changes. As such, it’s essential to explore what retailers need to consider about their customer-base and what to take into account before implementing new technologies.

Are your shoppers tech savvy?
An important aspect to consider is how tech-savvy your shopper is, which can help determine how likely they are to adopt new initiatives. Amazon, being a business born from technology, has seen success in its rollout of new programs. For example, its Amazon Go store concept has been widely accepted by shoppers visiting the store and as a result, as many as six more of these self-service, cashierless stores will be opening across the nation.

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Sylvain Perrier
Sylvain Perrier is President & Chief Executive Officer at Mercatus. He has more than fifteen years’ executive-level experience in retail technology, and has dedicated his career to driving the success of grocery retailers with pragmatic, easy-to-use technology.

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