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The Shelby Report: What Four Things Can Grocers Do To Compete Like Amazon And Walmart?

Every day, we read news about major retailers shaking up the grocery space through new delivery options, acquisitions, partnerships and more. Of course, we’re hearing these kinds of stories most about the major players—especially Amazon and Walmart. Between Amazon’s marriage of Prime and Whole Foods, and Walmart’s constant stream of innovation, local, regional and smaller chain grocers are recognizing the need to change in order to compete and stay relevant to shoppers for years to come. 

It’s difficult to go toe-to-toe with these huge businesses. Instead, regional and independent grocers should take a step back and try to learn from these innovative companies’ e-commerce strategies. In doing so, grocers will understand that Amazon and Walmart are doing great things that can be incorporated by grocers of all sizes.

Read more of this story in The Shelby Report here.

Sylvain Perrier
Sylvain Perrier is President & Chief Executive Officer at Mercatus. He has more than fifteen years’ executive-level experience in retail technology, and has dedicated his career to driving the success of grocery retailers with pragmatic, easy-to-use technology.

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