Lost in Transaction: How retailers can build a better mobile environment

There’s no question that consumers love their smartphones—and they’re using them to shop. In the U.S., more than 58% of consumers own a smartphone, and mobile commerce grew 24% from 2012 to 2013, compared to a 16% growth in e-commerce.

Evaluating grocery eCommerce platforms for performance

The days of tricks and gimmicks to try and hook consumers into a grocery eCommerce service are long gone. With more competitors getting into the game than ever before, companies now need to focus on mastering their business operations to maximize performance, provide consistency and boost their customer satisfaction levels to an all-time high if they want to remain in the running.

Technology’s impact on grocery market expanding, evolving

The past few years have seen a significant degree of development and evolution within the grocery retail sector. Supermarkets in particular have embraced a variety of new technologies, which have allowed them to improve their operations and customer experiences, as well as increase their bottom lines.

Virtual reality likely to become a prominent shopping technology in near future

Consumers are now eagerly using smartphones, tablets and other devices for shopping, research, leisure and virtually every other activity imaginable. Business leaders widely recognized that they must embrace these possibilities, or else they will inevitably fall behind their more technologically sophisticated competitors.

eCommerce, the dot-com bubble and why today is different

Innovators who were willing to risk Internet sales after the dot-coms would succeeded admirably, and the number of people using the Web also grew considerably. Dial-up gave way to broadband and cellphones upgraded into smartphones. The world that created the dot-com bubble has since been replaced by one that nearly demands an online presence to succeed.


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