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Balancing The Creep Factor

For grocery retailers, the question becomes: how can the business benefit from personalization without sacrificing customer trust? Before getting started, companies may need to reevaluate their goals.


Personalization Deconstructed

The grocery business is an intricate arena. Not all retail trends are easy to adopt or can deliver value in the context of grocery. Regional grocers want to adopt technologies that don’t just generate revenue today, but are also long-term investments for the future.


How Grocer CIOs can Benefit from SaaS-Based IT Strategies

The digital landscape for grocers is getting more complex, requiring companies to track data both internally and externally to fuel their business and IT strategies. An integrated commerce ecosystem is a viable solution that empowers grocers to transition to the digital age, differentiate and compete.

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Marketing Technology: The Case for Integration

More and more grocery retailers are recognizing the critical role digital engagement plays in their customer’s shopping experience. What’s becoming increasingly confusing are all the new marketing technologies available, challenging retailers to navigate the rapidly changing landscape.

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Humanizing Technology

Technology is designed to make life easier and more efficient. But oftentimes, it is complicated to use and requires a lot of time and effort to master. Today, the most successful technology goes beyond the technical specs and is all about the user experience.


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