Price Chopper’s
Digital Strategy

From Value-Driven to Experience-Driven Grocery

Price Chopper’s Digital Strategy

From Value-Driven to Experience-Driven Grocery

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The Road to Personalization

Over the years, Mercatus integrated data and service capabilities of Price Chopper’s technology partners, making it possible for them to deliver unique personalized shopping experiences to shoppers. Price Chopper launched the personalized email newsletter, tailoring deals to the individual shoppers based on their shopping history. Creating personalized shopping experiences can be carried across all digital touch points.

Digital Maturity - A New Competitive Opportunity in Retail

The changing retail landscape has shifted priorities and created the need for regional grocers to embrace digital maturity. Price Chopper adopted an innovative all-encompassing digital strategy, leveraging the Mercatus Integrated Commerce® Platform to deliver personalization - tailoring the experience on a one-to-one basis.

The Solution: A Shopper Centric Digital Strategy

Focused on implementing a shopper-centric digital strategy that built deeper customer engagements, Price Chopper wanted to reinforce brand awareness and loyalty on multiple channels, offering a cohesive shopping experience, in-store and in the digital space.

Partner Ecosystem Approach - Leveraging Existing Relationships

Mercatus collaborated with Price Chopper’s technology partners, client data and current infrastructure, integrating their capabilities to ensure existing systems, multiple channels and marketing technologies delivered strong customer engagements and, ultimately, the personalized email newsletter. Mercatus has integrated over 10 partners for Price Chopper, including:.

Price Chopper’s Digital Offering

Mercatus has enabled Price Chopper to offer a compelling digital experience through their website, and iOS and Android mobile applications, increasing reach, quality and convenience of offering.


Key Takeaways

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