Omnichannel Shopper Behavior Report 2022, Volume 1

How customers seek to maximize convenience and minimize costs in grocery delivery

Access critical insights into omnichannel grocery shopper behavior and the tradeoffs that they are making between cost, convenience, location, and quality. And, learn how your grocery business can compete for additional share of wallet based on omnichannel shopper preferences.

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Omnichannel Shopper Behavior Report 2022

Understand the modern grocery shopper and adapt your eGrocery strategy

The custom shopper behavior research from Mercatus was conducted by Brick Meets Click via an online survey on June 30 through July 1, 2022, with 1,847 U.S. adults, 18 years and older, who participated in the household’s grocery shopping.

The study provides critical intelligence for regional grocery retailers to improve their operations and online grocery sales channel.

In this research report, you will learn the following:

  • Why lower fees trump speed for grocery delivery customers
  • Why customers don’t mind higher online prices
  • How to make convenience your competitive advantage
  • And more!

Make better strategic decisions about where to allocate resources, the types of products and services to offer, and how to price your products.

The research provides detailed insights into how price is impacting consumer decision making, how omnichannel is changing the way consumers shop, and where the more affluent households are shopping.

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Omnichannel Shopper Behavior Report