Increase contribution margin per order by offering your own grocery fulfillment and pickup service

The Keys to Success With Online Grocery Fulfillment [eBook]

Learn how you can 3x your profit per online order.

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve fulfillment efficiency
  • Provide a seamless online shopping experience
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Online grocery sales remain 3.5 - 4X what they were 2 years ago. Outsourcing your online business to third-party channels is eroding margin and customer relationships.

While this solution is quick to market, it comes at a cost to your business

Delivery-provider marketplaces are the ones collecting all the hard-earned profits leaving the grocers with negligible margin, before operating expenses and appeasement fees.

When you rely on third-party marketplaces you no longer own your customers’ personal and transactional data. You lose control of how, why, and when you communicate with your customers.

When your customers become reliant on third-party marketplaces, the marketplace ends up winning the loyalty of your customers. Studies have shown that shoppers using a marketplace identify with the marketplace brand more than the retailer brand.

After you read this guide you will be able to

Gain full control over your shopper experience and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Obtain valuable insights into your customers that will enable you to increase sales.  

Increase profits for your grocery business versus in the pockets of third-party marketplaces like Instacart  

Grocers that are creating successful grocery fulfillment programs are enjoying the following gains

Reduction in labor costs

2min or less

Record-low wait times at pickup

Profit, per store*
*for stores averaging 70+ online orders per week

Learn how to implement a successful grocery fulfillment program that drives higher contribution margins and profits