Pricing’s Potential Roles for Improving Online Grocery Performance

Exclusive Research and Roadmap for Regional Grocers in 2023

This report, backed by proprietary research, provides the guide on how to improve profits and retain customers in this challenging market environment.

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Custom Pricing Research on 8 Mass Brands

Mercatus commissioned Brick Meets Click to conduct the research and develop the framework

Pricing's Potential Roles for Improving Online Grocery Performance
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The research phase consisted of two parts:

1) In-market pricing study

Our pricing study, conducted in Plano, TX, analyzed eight major retailers, including Aldi, Costco, HEB, Kroger, Market Street, Target, Tom Thumb, and Walmart.

We meticulously compared a basket of 40 popular products, both in-store and online, over a month-long period in 2023. We scrutinized daily prices, promotional offers, and even the hidden costs of pickup orders.

2) Online consumer survey

We also conducted an extensive online survey with 1,946 adults, all active participants in their household's grocery shopping.

This research, carried out in June 2023, delved into the shopping habits and preferences of today's consumers.

Competitive Online Pricing Strategy

Develop a more competitive online pricing strategy

Customer Centric Shopping

Create a customer-centric online shopping experience

Sustainable grocery profits

Achieve a more sustainable path to competing online

Increase profitability

Increase profitability and customer retention

Outmaneuver the Giants: Compete and Win Against Mass Merchants

The online grocery landscape is rapidly evolving, and the competition is fierce. Market leaders with significant price advantages and substantial net revenues pose a formidable challenge. But don't worry, we've got your back.

Online Grocery Pricing Research 2023

Access over 40 unique data points, critical analysis, and data-backed suggestions to adapt your strategies to the current market.

This is the roadmap for competing and winning against EDLP retailers like Walmart.

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To compete effectively, you need to understand the realities of what is happening in today’s environment.

Cost to Manually Assemble an Online Order


Refine your strategy by comparing past research to current conditions.

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Improve your strategy, profits and customer experience with detailed recommendations.

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