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Data-driven Personalization for Grocery Retail

AisleOne puts retailers in the driver’s seat. It collects and consolidates first-party data to give grocers total control over their customer experience, allowing them to provide convenience and value to customers through personalized engagement — all while efficiently managing cost-to-serve.

As an end-to-end personalized engagement solution, AisleOne helps grocers activate, convert, and retain customers, leading to increased monthly active users, higher average order value and improved customer lifetime value.

Retailers have generated up to a 14:1 return on their digital engagement investment through AisleOne’s targeted promotions, personalized offers, automated marketing campaigns, and loyalty program activation.

No complex code or development required — just efficient personalization at scale, ready to transform your go-to-market strategy.

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Personalize The Customer Experience

Today’s consumer wants a grocery shopping experience that is convenient, seamless, and, above all else, “made for me.”

AisleOne’s Personalization Engine utilizes flexible content containers to reach customers on a personal level through targeted product recommendations, promotional offers, and loyalty incentives — such as points, coupons, and digital stamps. Choose from 50+ available customer data attributes to easily build customer-centric campaigns localized to a store or personalized to each customer.

Put Your First-Party Data to Work

In the past, grocers had to deal with disconnected data sources, multiple first- and third-party integrations, and loyalty programs that didn’t connect between online and in-store.

AisleOne’s Customer Data Platform consolidates your first-party data, allowing you to create a holistic view of the customer journey with automated tracking of each individual’s digital, transactional, and promotional activity data. Through the platform’s Workbench Analytics, you can segment your customers, analyze their behaviors, and activate targeted campaigns based on those insights to deliver measurable results.

Reach Customers at the Right Moment

Trying to reach customers through broad-spectrum marketing is both costly and ineffective compared to targeted personalization and loyalty strategies.

AisleOne’s eMarketing Automation uses proprietary algorithms and machine learning to tailor content based on customer behaviors and purchasing patterns, allowing you to automatically time customer interactions to key moments in their purchasing cycle.

The Automated Journey Mapping, Programmatic Targeting and Multi-Channel Delivery tools work together to build complex customer profiles and deploy strategic campaigns that consistently engage customers through email, SMS/text, mobile push, and integrated digital platforms.

The result? Every marketing move you make is calibrated for maximum impact — with minimal effort.

Harness the power of AisleOne’s intelligent personalization

Personalized customer service and more.

AisleOne provides you with:

  • Personalized Customer Experience
  • Actionable Consumer Insights
  • Comprehensive Strategy Support
Drive profitable growth with enhanced operational efficiency

To drive profitable growth through:

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency
  • Cost Efficiency in Marketing
  • Boosted Sales and Retention

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AisleOne Makes it Easier on Everyone

Easily customize the look and feel of your digital brand experience with flexible content containers for mobile and web. No code or development work required.

Drive online sales by tracking customer activity from impression to transaction. Demonstrate ROI of your eCommerce program.

Ensure secure and scalable access to customer insights. Bring together disparate data sources to help your team create a single view of your customer base.

Track the health of your business with advanced dashboards. Make more informed, data-backed decisions that feed your business strategy.

Combining Value & Convenience

Modern consumers want value and convenience in their retail experience. To keep these customers returning, grocers have to provide a shopping experience that engages them on a personal level. 

Here’s how the advanced personalization of AisleOne connects a retailer’s capabilities with those needs:

Technical Features and Specifications

Get the most advanced personalization technology designed for your business and customer needs. Proprietary algorithms combined with business logic from more than 15 years of domain expertise delivers real-world solutions to your grocery challenges.


Micro-services based architecture

Faster innovation with scalable deployment capabilities. Native cloud development.


End-to-end security infrastructure

Modern authentication security model and modelling training completed on isolated database network.


Flexible content management

Supports a variety of structured content and delivery options including images, HTML, products, recipes, offers, and coupons.


API Gateways

Utilize integration-friendly API gateways to provide near real-time data updates.


Data extensibility

Augment AisleOne with additional data points to enrich data for targeting and audience building.


Advanced reporting

Built-in reporting tool for visualizing customer behavior and campaign analytics.

Client Impact: Regional grocer adds $144M in incremental sales

A regional supermarket chain with 70+ stores and a mature, two-tier pricing program looked to AisleOne to operationalize a digital loyalty strategy.

By converting customers from an analog to a digital relationship, AisleOne was able to deploy specific engagement strategies and individualized offers based on key customer behaviors and segments – including high spenders, new accounts, churning, lapsed and more. Efficiently delivering personalization at scale and transforming their go-to-market strategy.

The impact? $412 year-over-year increase in sales per customer and $144 million in incremental value.


Targeted communications delivered


Personalized product recommendations

14 : 1 ROI

Per dollar invested in digital engagement

*Annualized metrics


Activate, convert, and retain your customers with AisleOne

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