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Enterprise Grocery eCommerce Platform

Exceed customer expectations with a seamless online grocery shopping experience across all channels – including website, mobile, and in-store.

Partner with an eCommerce platform provider trusted by regional grocers including Weis Markets, SEG, and other leading retailers.

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With our innovative web and brand new mobile front-end interfaces, provide your customers with a convenient shopping experience, tailor-made to their needs.
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Leverage the native Mercatus pick app and choose from integrations with multiple fulfillment partners to lower costs and drive operational efficiencies.

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Capitalize on your digital traffic and offset the cost-to-serve with native advertising options integrated right into the Mercatus platform.

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Easily create, manage, and update your digital coupons and flyers for your digital marketing and advertising strategies.

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Build your loyalty program with integrated connectors to popular CRM/CDP solutions and segment your customers to engage them with compelling marketing offers.

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Build bigger baskets with a highly personalized shopping journey – powered by AI – based on product preferences and shopping partners.

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Convert more orders with a seamless, single-page checkout process. And available payment gateway APIs and SNAP EBT integration ensure you have the flexibility to serve all your customers.

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Access all of your key metrics in one place with Mercatus Console Reporting. With integrated reporting of sales and operations, you have a single view of how your business is performing.

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Take a tour of the Mercatus Platform.

Explore how our integrated front-end experience will bring your grocery brand and merchandising plans to life. Capture customer attention with innovative engagement and shopping solutions. Re-create the in-store experience with sophisticated product assortment options. Monitor your stores and your data with tracking and reporting through our Retailer Console.

Own your first-party channel experience to protect and preserve customer relationships

Take control of your customer relationships and loyalty with an enterprise-grade platform. Advanced features, a large array of integrations, and constant innovation means that you can build a best-in-class omnichannel experience that will always meet your customer expectations. No eCompromises.

Manage fulfillment costs and monetize your traffic with retail media

With the Mercatus platform, you have the choice to integrate with an order fulfillment & last-mile partner that helps you manage costs and drive operational efficiency. At the same time, offset the cost-to-serve by monetizing online traffic with our retail media solutions. That’s two birds on one platform.

Provide exceptional customer convenience that extends brand equity

Meet and exceed your customer expectations with a seamless, modern eCommerce experience on web & mobile. Reflect customer needs and preferences with robust personalization and rewards & loyalty programs that delight your customers.


Discover how Mercatus can transform your eCommerce strategy.

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An enterprise-grade platform that empowers you to grow

When you choose Mercatus, you’re choosing an end-to-end eGrocery platform that provides a winning multi- and omnichannel experience while enabling you to maintain full ownership of your customer relationships.

With the Mercatus platform, you get:


React Native

Modern, leading front-end infrastructure for incredibly fast and platform development. Used by organizations like Shopify, AirBnB, Uber Eats, and more.


Content management

Front-end interface built upon a stable, secure, and user-friendly CMS that meets the needs of regional grocers of all sizes.


User experience optimized

Faster loading times and lower memory utilization means a faster, smoother shopping experience.


Console & Google Analytics

Gain a single view of user activity on mobile and web on our Retailer Console. Track user engagement, events, and screens so that you can create custom targeted audiences and gain valuable insights into customer behaviors.


Native Maps integration

Ensure a smooth user experience on Google Maps (Android) and Apple Maps (iOS) for grocery store searches so customers can choose the right store for pickup and delivery.


60+ White-label integrations

Built on a multi-tenant infrastructure that brings innovation across our entire Mercatus ecosystem, you’ll get the most out of your tech stack and avoid vendor lock-in.


Enterprise-level scalability

Developed with the ability to scale up resources quickly and easily to support increased users and transactions.


CloudFlare security & privacy

Protect your data and customer experience with our CloudFlare security. Best-in-class security infrastructure keeps unwanted visitors from disrupting your experience.


Inclusive web accessibility

Web and mobile accessibility features – including ADA compliance – help people with disabilities to use the platform in the way that works best for them.

Avoid vendor lock-in. With Mercatus, you have the power to choose your path.

Our partner network is powered by flexible APIs — created and managed by our dedicated team of API developers. As a multi-tenant SaaS platform, all integrations are ready and available for each of our grocery retail clients.

Choose from our carefully curated partners or bring your own. Differentiate your brand by selecting the solutions that can bring your online customer journey to life.

Customer experience

Checkout & payments

Data management

Customer shopping behavior has permanently changed

Learn how best-in-class regional grocers can shape their omnichannel strategy to stay ahead of industry trends and thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

For our latest research and insights, access all three Volumes of our Omnichannel Behavior Report.


Build lasting customer loyalty with your online grocery platform at the center


  • Own your first-party channel experience to protect and preserve customer relationships
  • Offset the cost-to-serve for pickup and delivery, and improve your contribution margin
  • Deliver a seamless shopping experience that extends brand equity and CLV

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