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Our Story

Mercatus began in 2004 as a privately funded group of passionate innovators who identified a gap in the retail technology market. Focusing on both hardware and software, we commercialized an intuitive, small-screen computer for grocery carts. It offered shoppers coupons, recipe ideas, loyalty rewards and more, all served up at their fingertips in-store. We’ve come a long way since then.

Sylvain Perrier saw a bigger opportunity in our proprietary software. His vision was to help retailers manage inventory, increase customer retention and improve margins. It was a compelling and expansive vision that earned us globally-recognized clients and industry accolades.

Recognizing that mobile technology would lead to even greater opportunities for grocers to deliver exceptional customer experiences, we focused on the web-based platform technology we deliver today.

Throughout the years, we’ve stayed true to our vision of delivering a better customer experience. Today, we hold more than 150 patents registered in over 20 countries. We continue to build on our heritage of innovation to deliver solutions that make leading grocers more adaptive, attentive and profitable.

Our Mission

Mercatus empowers grocers to create exceptional shopping experiences for their customers. We bring together existing systems, best-in-breed marketing technologies and a host of grocery-specific shopper tools across multiple digital channels to deliver engagements that increase share of basket and foster lifelong loyalty.

Our Values

Our Promise

Our ideals shape enduring, value-building relationships with our clients. On this foundation, we build exceptional solutions for you—solutions that exceed your customers’ expectations today and into the future.

Adaptive and Scalable

We’re committed to leveraging your existing systems and technologies, so you can maximize profits and future-proof your digital commerce infrastructure.


We build smart technology that shoppers love using. We help you meet profit goals by creating best-in-class shopping experiences. By focusing exclusively on the highly competitive grocery space, we deliver relevant advice at every turn.

Thought Partners

We work hard every day to revolutionize the retail technology industry. We pursue actionable innovation and we share our insights. We guide you toward the right technology for your business. We make sure your systems are ready for the next generation of emerging technologies.


Collaboration isn’t a buzzword to us. It’s our everyday practice. We have a stable of integration partners—including those recommended by clients like you—best-in-breed industry players and emerging technology providers.

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