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Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership team draws on decades of experience across industries to chart a course for the future, and guide the company towards its strategic goals.

Sylvain Perrier President and CEO

Sylvain’s relentless desire to stay ahead of the game and drive positive change is a force to be reckoned with. A highly invested leader, Sylvain never misses a beat. From his insatiable appetite for solving problems to his passion for relationship building, Sylvain is the kind of inspirational leader who motivates every one of us to work even harder.

John Lucot Senior Strategic Advisor to the Executive Team

John supports retailer engagement initiatives, providing his deep grocery and industry knowledge to ensure the success of the Mercatus client community and further advancement of Mercatus’ cloud offerings.

Christine Andrews VP, People & Culture

A trusted leadership advisor and coach with a personal mission to help her clients and their teams unleash their full potential. Christine's track record speaks to an ability to generate results, drive change, shift perspectives, and cultivate positive, healthy work environments and cultures.

Brian Chen VP, Technology

Brian is a proven team leader with more than 15 years of experience in the Toronto tech community. His success leading support of complex software systems for government, travel, financial services and retail organizations has equipped him with a best in class pedigree to drive the Mercatus engineering team to new heights.

Kevin Kidd VP, Product

A strategic product and research and development professional, Kevin’s expertise lies in delivering market-driven solutions for long-term success and sustainability.

Frank Laudadio VP, Client Experience

Frank has a passion for proactively engaging clients to achieve the best possible customer experience. He is accountable for making sure every Mercatus client has the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their goals and derive maximum value from the Mercatus platform. With over 15 years’ experience of managing customer-facing engagements, his results-driven and collaborative approach has empowered customers to achieve their best.

Mark Fairhurst VP, Marketing

Mark is responsible for leading development of the overall marketing strategy, operations and execution to drive Mercatus' multi-year revenue growth and customer acquisition objectives. Mark joined Mercatus with more than 18 years of experience building successful technology brands. He has held key marketing leadership positions at leading SaaS organizations including GS1, Solera and Intelex.

Tony Shuparsky VP, Decision Science

Tony is passionate about building collaborative teams and delivering solutions that provide customer value. His strong technology background allows him to bridge the gap between business problems and technology solutions. Tony’s diverse experience in numerous industries and exceptional understanding of customers’ business visions allow him to deliver the greatest value to our clients.

Thom Riley Senior Director, eCommerce Operations

Thom has extensive executive, management and supervisory experience with budgeting, contracting, consulting and overseeing development, technical, and project teams. His more than 30 years tenure at The Golub Corporation/Price Chopper Supermarkets brings industry expertise to the Mercatus team that will enable us to take our business to the next level.

Alex Selmani Director, Finance

Alex leads the finance team. He is passionate about revenue operations, and has a wide range of experience and expertise, spanning multiple industries, including as software as a service, manufacturing, and start-ups. As one of the longest serving employees of Mercatus, he has contributed to the company’s growth and is focused on helping Mercatus reach the next stage of its growth arc.

From the CEO Sylvain Perrier

"My source of inspiration and my continued drive, comes from every single individual in the organization. Our culture empowers team members to take risks and make decisions. Our core principles guide our behaviour—we encourage all 'Mercatians' to be passionate in all they do. Lean on and support one another. Take time to reflect and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be courageous and know we’ve got your back to take risks."

Board of Directors

Brigette Chang-Addorisio Director
Sylvain Perrier Director
Andrew Chang Chairman
Pete Bigley Director
Frank Archibald Director