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End-to-End Integrated
Commerce Platform

Helping leading grocers create seamless, multi-channel
brand experiences for their online shoppers

The world of grocery is changing. Are you keeping up?

The latest research has demonstrated that with busier schedules and growing comfort with eCommerce, today’s consumers are choosing brands that provide the most convenience, and are willing to switch from their regular grocery provider to an alternate one for a more user-oriented experience. For grocers, the stakes have never been higher.

In the era of connected commerce, consumers no longer wish to shop for the items they need entirely offline. Instead, they prefer a blended approach where they can use the channels that best suits their unique needs at that precise moment.

Going forward, the most successful retailers will be those that sit at the crossroads of the physical and virtual worlds, and leverage technology to satisfy their shoppers however and whenever they choose to buy and receive their groceries.

Mercatus empowers grocers to adopt this change driven by consumer demand, allowing them to grow with the evolving needs of today’s shoppers. 

We create and build web and mobile applications exclusively for grocery retailers, helping them to extend their brand’s online presence, offer personalized experiences to their customers, and sell their products on the web. This is all done through one cohesive enterprise-grade SaaS platform.

Effortlessly deliver seamless, connected and efficient multi-channel experiences

What Makes Us Different

  • We help you create compelling shopping experiences that convert and retain shoppers

  • Our platform is highly configurable and tailored to your business needs

  • We offer seamless integrations with legacy technologies and best-in-breed vendors

  • We help improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness on the back end

  • We provide digital agility and scalability, allowing you to take on threats and opportunities as they arise

  • The Mercatus platform is secure and fully PCI-compliant

  • We're completely focused on grocery, enabling you to extend your brick and mortar into an aligned digital experience

Ready to embrace eCommerce or enhance your existing offering?

Here’s how we’ll work with you to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Evaluate the Landscape

    We’ll consider your regional retail landscape, taking potential trends, challenges and opportunities into consideration. Then, we’ll identify what stage of maturity you’re at with your current digital initiatives.

  2. Assess your Options

    Together, we’ll consider the complexity of the project and identify potential tools and solutions that will help bring your digital strategy to life.

  3. Implement your Strategy

    We’ll work together to identify your goals, create a roadmap, and take decisive action to get you where you need to be

  4. Measure and Adjust

    We’ll take a data-driven approach to your digital efforts and analyze exactly what’s working, what isn’t, and then adjust your initiatives accordingly.

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