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The grocery industry is rapidly evolving

To remain competitive, grocers need to own the online experience

The pandemic has changed the grocery industry, accelerating the adoption of online grocery. Online grocery sales have increased 4x pre-pandemic levels and now account for nearly 10% of all grocery sales.

Your customers are shopping multiple formats every week, across as many as four different channels and up to five banners per week.

The non-traditional grocers increasingly are taking market share, especially in the online space, accounting for more than 60% of all online grocery sales.

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Don’t put your eggs all in one basket

As online grocery sales continue to grow, you see the risk outsourcing your customer journey poses to the health of your business, your brand and your customer relationships.

Here’s how you can navigate the many eCommerce channels in the grocery industry and find a better balance for long-term success.

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eGrocery Transformed 2021 Shopper Survey

Grocery industry insights: what do your customers want?

Get key insights into what makes today’s online grocery shopper tick. Discover what drives today’s shoppers to buy groceries online — and how to keep them loyal to your brand. Find these answers and more in the largest annual survey of customer preferences and trends in North America’s grocery industry.

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Build a winning eGrocery strategy

In the new world of grocery retail, having the right eCommerce strategy in place empowers your business to grow and expand. Read this blog to find out how.

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Own your grocery eCommerce experience
  • Configurable website and app to showcase your brand
  • User experience that’s tested and approved by hundreds of thousands of customers
  • Easy-to-use CMS and admin interface that doesn’t require IT support
  • Intelligent personalization that’s tailored to customer preferences and drives retention
  • Integrated prepared product order flows offer customers a high degree of customization options
  • SNAP EBT and EBT Cash online payment capabilities serve your broader community
  • ADA, IAC and WCAG 2.1 compliance expands accessibility to all
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Reclaim your eCommerce margin and customers

While marketplaces have helped grocers step into eCommerce, they’re just one of many channels to help grow your business. Learn how you can expand beyond the marketplace and reclaim your eCommerce.

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Build lasting customer loyalty with your grocery eCommerce experience at the center.

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