Watch grocery eCommerce personalization in action

Grocery eCommerce personalization with AisleOneTM on the Mercatus platform, empowering grocery retailers to deliver on personalization, 1-to-1 online grocery shopping experiences their customers are looking for.

Personalization is crucial to satisfy today’s consumer. And today, effective personalization means more than simply knowing a customer’s name.

A survey by Pure360 found that only 8% of respondents said they’d be encouraged to engage with a brand merely because it addressed them by their first name. This is supported by research from Infosys, which revealed that 31% of survey respondents wanted their shopping experience to be far more personalized. Of those who’d experienced personalization, 86% said it had some impact on their purchasing behaviour. Numerous other studies confirm that personalization drives impulse and repeat purchases and solidifies long-term customer relationships.

And now, with AisleOne™ on the Mercatus platform, grocery retailers can serve up the personalized, 1-to-1 online grocery shopping experiences their customers are looking for.

aisleone personalization intelligence engine

The AisleOne personalization intelligence engine uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to analyze shopper data and automatically tailor the shopping experience to each individual shopper. This powerful automated tool empowers grocers to save their shoppers both time and money, increase their bottom-line and building lasting shopper loyalty – all without any extra work on their end!

If you’re not yet familiar with AisleOne, you’ll want to watch our new video series that explains why it’s so powerful. The videos are a step-by-step journey introducing you to the key features and the many benefits to both shoppers and retailers like you.

Watch the grocery eCommerce personalization demo series and learn how AisleOne on the Mercatus platform:

  • Will have your shoppers spending an average of $700 more per year, per customer
  • Saves your shoppers both time and money, while increasing basket size and share-of-wallet
  • Turns your standard grocery catalog into a unique 1-to-1 online shopping experience with tailored catalog and search results.
  • Increases online order volume, with personalized features that draw your shoppers in and keep them coming back for more.

Hosted by Madelaine Jack, Product Marketing Lead at Mercatus and her dog Isla, Chief “Barketing” Officer, each episode is filmed in a friendly, conversational style and takes just a minute or two to watch.

Visit our AisleOne product page to watch the four-video series. You can also get a Demo of AisleOne to see it in action for yourself and speak with our experts about how this powerful digital commerce solution will be a game-changer for your grocery retail business.