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Grocery Podcast Hosted by eCommerce Trailblazer Sylvain Perrier – The Digital Grocer

TORONTO – September 9, 2020Digitalgrocer.com is a new streaming media platform exploring the fascinating and expansive world of grocery eCommerce, providing valuable, timely insight into the online grocery industry. The Digital Grocer produces and curates industry thought leadership content. Facilitating conversations with retail executives, experts and technology innovators, The Digital Grocer offers agnostic positions on the state of and projected growth in grocery retail technology, commerce and business.

Originally a limited audio series providing insights into eCommerce business strategy for grocery retail executives, The Digital Grocer has grown its audience based on the show’s topical subjects, knowledgeable guests and a reputation for candid, honest conversation. Now entering its fourth season with a new streaming media site, The Digital Grocer promises to be a hub for grocery thought leadership content, research, blogs, and interviews from a wide range of fascinating perspectives.

“While there are other podcasts and publications that tackle grocery industry topics on a whole, we believe The Digital Grocer is the definitive grocery eCommerce video podcast,” said Mark Fairhurst, co-host of the show. “We look forward to continuing our conversations with the industry’s brightest minds and helping others navigate the grocery eCommerce landscape, all easily available in one spot at digitalgrocer.com.”

Now considered essential, online grocery shopping serves the basic life needs for a growing number of consumers and households. With safety concerns top of mind for shoppers in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 50% have changed the way they shop, according to Mercatus’ upcoming Digital Grocery Shopper Study 2020. Online grocery is also a highly competitive marketplace expected to exceed 20% of total grocery sales by 2025.

“The rapid growth and adoption of grocery eCommerce is considerable given the global health crisis,” said Sylvain Perrier, host, The Digital Grocer. “Now more than ever, online food retailers are looking for a reliable source of information from experts in the industry who have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This show aims to do just that. The Digital Grocer will act as an independent and agnostic resource for the grocery retail industry, providing insights, strategies and perspectives on growth and advancement of grocery commerce technology and operations.”

To learn more and subscribe to The Digital Grocer, go to digitalgrocer.com.

About The Digital Grocer

The Digital Grocer takes a deep dive into the fascinating and expansive world of grocery eCommerce. The media platform is home to thought leadership content, research, blogs, interviews and video podcasts. The Digital Grocer is hosted by Sylvain Perrier and Mark Fairhurst who interview retail executives, industry leaders and technology innovators in a lively, unscripted conversational format to explore today’s hot topics and tomorrow’s trends in retail grocery guaranteed to inform and entertain.

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