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Retail Media | Sponsored Product Sampling

Boost retail media revenue with a product sampling solution directly integrated with the Mercatus Digital Commerce Platform.

No more operational headaches or chasing CPGs for budget. We manage all of it for you in one turnkey solution.

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Increase your retail media revenue with a scalable product sampling program


More revenue at your fingertips

Don’t get left out of the product sampling value chain. Tap into the estimated $1B investment made by CPGs in sampling programs.


Designed for regional grocers

Specifically tailored for Digital Marketing and Merchandising teams managing relationships with CPG brands. Easily track campaign impact and ROI.


Solve sampling operations challenges

Forget the hassles of lengthy planning, packaging and distribution, operational issues, and lack of actionable insights. Let our integration with SwishBx take care of it for you.

What does Sponsored Product Sampling offer?

Turnkey Solution – Manage the end-to-end product sampling workflow with ease. Turn it on, and it just works.

Revenue Generation – Benefit from new revenue streams from CPGs that will support your eCommerce operations.

Enhanced Customer Experience – Surprise and delight your customers leading to higher loyalty and average order value.

Strengthened Brand Relationships – Forge stronger ties with your brand partners.

How does Sponsored Product Sampling work?


CPG brand commits a budget to activate a personalized sampling program with a retailer.

Qualified Purchase

Triggers a free sample when a customer meets purchase criteria.

Customer Notification

Customers receive a text message saying they’ve received a free product sample.

Seamless Fulfillment

Sample is picked, packed, and added to the customer’s order.

Revenue Share

Retailer is reimbursed for the cost of the sample and a share of the revenue from the CPG spend.

Insightful Reporting

Retailers and CPGs receive a detailed performance report of the campaign.


Create a New Revenue Stream

Every free product sample that is added to a customer’s basket means more revenue for you.


Enhance Customer Value

Increase in sentiment and loyalty by surprising and delighting customers with a free product sample.


Strengthened Brand Relations

Fortify relationships with CPG brands by offering a new way to connect with customers and expand their reach.

Sponsored Product Sampling – available on the Mercatus Digital Commerce Platform


Your all-in-one platform to achieve omnichannel profitability

  • Web and mobile eCommerce to control your first-party experience
  • Order fulfillment integrations and retail media to manage your cost-to-serve
  • Rewards & loyalty, eCommerce analytics and over 60+ pre-built integrations to drive customer convenience

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