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Digital Engagement

Empower your shoppers.

In today’s grocery retail landscape, a strong digital brand presence is essential. The Mercatus Digital Engagement solution gives your unique brand multi-channel presence with value-adding services for your shoppers. Scale on demand and keep up with market needs for long-term, sustainable growth.

Extend your physical store online with our Digital Engagement Solution.

Online Accounts
Coupons and Flyers
Store Locator
Content Management
Technology Partners
How does Digital Engagement enhance my brand?
  • Configure your home page to reflect the upcoming season’s deals
  • Quickly and easily upload new hero images and tailor your message
  • Changes are immediate on both website and mobile
  • System integration with more than 35 technology partners
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Digital Commerce

Grow your business.

Serve the demands of today’s shopper and sustain the growth of your business with the Mercatus Digital Commerce solution. Generate additional revenue with online shopping engagements that compel, convert and retain shoppers’ wallets.

Reach a larger, more diverse market with our Digital Commerce Solution.

Online Payments
Click and Collect
Order Management
Technology Partners
How will Digital Commerce increase sales?
  • Leverage insightful data from the Console dashboard for planning
  • Offer personalized deals to increase sales
  • Metrics demonstrate improved ROI and increased revenue
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Know your customer.

Shoppers expect an experience that is tailored to their needs and preferences. The Mercatus Personalization solution understands your customers’ intent, allowing you to create personalized experiences that win their trust, their business and their loyalty.

Collect & leverage shopper data across all touch points with our Personalization Solution.

Product Recommendations
Personalized Flyers
Reporting & Analytics
Technology Partners
How will personalization help me remain competitive in today’s environment?
  • Learn more about your shoppers’ expectations
  • Engage and excite them through highly targeted, personalized content created especially for them
  • Tailor content based on their location, preference and behavior
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