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International Women’s Day: #Embracing Equity

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global movement celebrating women’s achievements and advocating for gender equality. This year’s theme is “Embrace Equity.” At Mercatus, we are proud to join the movement by recognizing and appreciating the outstanding contributions of the women on our team.

This year, we are celebrating the day by hosting an exclusive Cool to Connect session for women on our team. The session provides a unique opportunity for women to come together, create a space for themselves, and connect. Based in Toronto, Cool to Connect is a women-led initiative that stimulates reflection, conversation and thought-provoking insights that lead to deeper conversations. We will use Cool to Connect cards throughout the session to further strengthen our Ladies of Mercatus (LOM) community. To promote self-reflection that goes beyond International Women’s Day, we will also be sending everyone a Cool to Connect guided journal.

In recognition of our appreciation, we will also be hosting our first LOM Awards. Everyone at Mercatus is invited to vote for women on our team who have made a difference and supported others within the organization. We have created categories such as “Best Coach” to allow our team to appreciate and nominate the women who have positively impacted their lives.

In addition, we have organized a trivia game to celebrate women’s achievements in various fields, including literature, music, film, history, and activism. The activity is meant for everyone at Mercatus to engage and learn about the women who have become trailblazers for their respective communities.

We’ve partnered with CCDI (Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion), a respected national non-profit organization designed to support employers in practicing diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The CCDI will be hosting an International Women’s Day Webinar titled “Feminism is for everyone,” aimed to discuss modern-day feminism. Everyone at Mercatus is encouraged to attend the webinar as a way to continue the fight for gender equity.

At Mercatus, we are committed to creating an environment where women in technology can thrive and grow. We are proud to recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of women at Mercatus and to work towards embracing gender equity in the tech industry.

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