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Grocery Digital Advertising

Claim your equal share of digital grocery advertising revenue

Convert your eGrocery traffic into digital ad revenue

With more shoppers online now than ever before, consumer brands are shifting advertising budgets to eCommerce channels. Capture your equal share of digital ad revenue, optimize grocery advertising and drive shopper loyalty with Mercatus Digital Advertising.

How Weis Markets set the bar for online grocery advertising

In the first 3 months, Weis Markets’ digital advertising program was outperforming Google Display Network eCommerce ads with a 5X higher click-through rate (CTR). Read the case study to discover how Weis continues to set the bar for online grocery ad programs with Mercatus Digital Advertising.

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Consumer brand digital ad spend is shifting

National consumer brands are investing $22B+ into valuable native digital advertising and grocery giants like Instacart, Walmart, Target, Kroger and Amazon are cornering the market.

With Mercatus Digital Advertising, regional grocers can claim their share of digital ad revenue by offering a competitive, high-conversion native digital advertising program that enhances the shopper experience to build lasting shopper loyalty.

Do you have questions about advertising with Mercatus? Read our FAQ.


How your business benefits from a competitive digital advertising program



higher CTR than Google Display Network eCommerce ads


conversion rate

Up to 1999%

return on ad spend (ROAS)

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Offer a seamless, point of sale advertising experience with Mercatus Digital Advertising

Combining Mercatus’ leading grocery digital commerce platform with CitrusAd’s cutting-edge, retail media technology enables contextual and compelling native advertising throughout the online shopping journey. Retailers using the Mercatus eCommerce platform also benefit from the CitrusAd Network’s retail media sales expertise to help drive additional revenue by monetizing traffic on their web and mobile digital commerce sites.

Optimize advertising with Mercatus’ professionally-managed services

• Scalable, centralized ad platform

• Real-time reporting and ROI measurement

• Automatically collect digital ad revenue to offset cost of eCommerce

Increase revenue with contextual targeted ads

• High-conversion ads, seamlessly integrated with your branded commerce site

• Compete against grocery retail giants for share of digital ad revenue

• Reclaim digital ad revenue from delivery provider marketplaces

Enrich your eCommerce and drive shopper loyalty with native advertising

• Engaging ads that match the look, feel and function of your branded site

• Relevant product recommendations and offers

• New opportunities for online product discovery

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Discover how you can optimize grocery advertising, increase revenue and drive shopper loyalty with Mercatus Digital Advertising.

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Frequently Asked Questions
about digital grocery advertising with Mercatus

Our professionally-managed services handle all aspects of the digital advertising program for retailers. We are dedicated to ensuring that national brand advertisements on your commerce site serve to enhance the shopper experience, follow your established retail brand guidelines and maximize advertising revenue for both you and your trading partners.

Yes, local CPGs can easily join the network of advertisers and start advertising on your commerce sites/apps quickly. If you have a local CPG that would like to advertise, connect with Mercatus and we will be able to help set them up.

Native-advertising fits the form and function of your branded commerce site. Unlike traditional ads that direct shoppers away from your sites/apps, these ads retain your shoppers with contextual media that compels more engagement and converts larger baskets.

Coming soon, grocers will be able to promote their own programs and private label products through Digital Advertising on the Mercatus platform. Our professionally-managed services can help facilitate your campaigns to optimize for high ROI.

Yes, all ads that appear on your eCommerce site will be ADA, IAB and WCAG.2.1 compliant.

National brand advertisers and their media agencies bid to place a suite of digital ad media on retailers’ sites/apps. CitrusAd manages the collection of digital ad revenue from advertisers on a monthly basis. Mercatus splits its share of ad revenue evenly with the grocer.

When a customer performs a search, we reference the search term entered by the shopper in order to determine if we have a relevant ad to serve. If we have a relevant ad, for a product available at the shopper’s store level, we will display the ad at the top of the search results.

If the shopper clicks on an ad, we then check the completed transaction to determine if the shopper purchased the advertised product.

Online ads are only displayed at the top of the organic search or category results. They will not be placed in any ad space designated for co-op advertisements.

Ads will only be displayed at the top of relevant search results or relevant category pages. All ads and targeted search terms will be subject to approval before going live. We also have the ability to pause or reject any ad, at any time, should there ever be an issue.

Grocers and advertisers will have real-time visibility into the performance of ads through the performance dashboard. This includes impression, click and conversion data and insight into the best performing ads, products and search terms. Mercatus will be monitoring this data and optimizing campaigns to maximize conversion revenue for both the grocer and the CPG.

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