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5 Ways Online Grocery Advertising Can Generate Revenue For Your Business

5 ways online grocery advertising with Mercatus makes it easy to generate revenue while increasing the profitability of your eCommerce site.

We know that online grocery advertising can be a profitable component of owning an eCommerce site. As mentioned in our previous blog on digital advertising for grocery eCommerce, CPG advertising spend is shifting online quickly and advertisers are focusing on the highly valuable, point-of-purchase native ad placements.

But until recently, many grocers have had a hard time accessing this important revenue stream. Delivery-provider marketplaces have been collecting CPG ad revenue for years, without sharing profits with the grocers whose shoppers they advertise to. And those who own their eCommerce site and attempt to develop an advertising program quickly discover that this kind of program is challenging to set up and manage.

Mercatus has developed a way to help grocers capture their share of the revenue from digital advertising with little effort on their part. The pandemic has rapidly increased eCommerce sales but has equally strained grocers’ resources. These funds can help grocers cover the costs of developing and expanding eCommerce services, serving shoppers’ needs today to build lasting loyalty for tomorrow.

Capturing online grocery advertising

Until now, generating digital ad revenue has been notoriously complicated and resource intensive. But Mercatus, in partnership with CitrusAd, has found a way to make it easy for regional grocers to get in the grocery retail media game and bring digital advertising — and the revenue that comes with it — to their own brand’s site.

The Mercatus Digital Advertising solution empowers regional grocers to offer high-value advertising placements to local and national brand advertisers and their media agencies. Mercatus and CitrusAd administer the program and evenly split the ad revenue with the retailer.

It helps CPG brands of all sizes market to their target audience at the right time and the right place: point of purchase. To help continue improving their ROI, they receive real-time data on ad performance. Retailers are able to monetize their 1st party data while improving the shopper experience with relevant deals and offers. And all of this is available without grocers having to add resources to manage and run the program.

Here are 5 ways our program makes it easier and more effective to generate an advertising revenue stream for your eCommerce site.

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1. Professionally managed services

Mercatus Digital Advertising offers a professionally managed advertising program for grocers, making it simple for you to generate incremental advertising revenue. There’s no need to staff up with advertising experts or develop a new infrastructure to administer a complicated program. This program is fully IAB, ADA, and WCAG 2.1 compliant. Instead of the hassle of chasing after ad revenue, you simply watch your eCommerce revenue grow.

2. Seamless native advertising

Ttraditional display adsraditional display ads disrupt the branded experience by sending shoppers away from your site when clicked. With Mercatus Digital Advertising, you’ll generate ads that actually enrich your eCommerce experience, matching the look, feel, and function of your site. The ads appear within search results and your product catalog, showcasing special offers and promotions relevant to your shoppers. Shoppers can add the advertised products directly to their cart in a single click and then seamlessly continue building their cart. The result: increased sales, convenience for your shoppers, and increased advertising revenue for you and your CPG partners.

3. Real-time reporting

With the Mercatus Digital Advertising solution, the advertiser always knows how their ads are performing right now, with access to real-time ROI through the Performance Dashboard. Data such as impressions, clicks, and conversions provide insights into the best-performing ads, products, and search terms. The Mercatus professional services team of digital ad experts also monitors this data. They guide CPGs on how to adjust their campaigns to maximize conversions and make recommendations on how to preserve CPG brand standards while complementing the grocer’s brand, to complement a seamless online shopping experience.

Better campaign insights, combined with a better ad experience for shoppers, lead to higher conversions for the CPG company — and more ad revenue for the grocer.

real time reporting

4. Compatible with other programs

If you’ve already experimented with digital advertising, you don’t necessarily have to surrender your existing relationships. Mercatus Digital Advertising offers flexibility that allows you to promote your own programs and private label products, and our ads will not be placed in any ad space you’ve designated for co-op advertisements. And if there’s a local CPG that would like to advertise on your site, we can get their ads up and running in no time.

mercatus digital advertising offers flexibility

5. Your bridge to CPGs

Mercatus Digital Advertising is a scalable, centralized advertising program that appeals to CPGs for many reasons, including high conversion rates, effective reporting (with real-time performance metrics and trackable customer data), and a Fixed Tenancy model that provides predictable advertising costs. That’s important because Mercatus Digital Advertising is essentially a link between you and consumer products companies, allowing you to effortlessly connect with large advertisers to attract a steady flow of ad dollars. With more advertising budgets shifting to digital each year, now is the time to build and nurture those relationships with CPGs and build this revenue stream for your business.

From bricks to clicks

You already know how important CPG ad dollars are to your brick-and-mortar operation. It’s time to claim your share of digital ad revenue, with a simple solution that empowers you to own, and increase revenue for, your eCommerce.

Learn how you can maximize the revenue potential of your eCommerce site today. Have questions for our digital advertising team? Check out our Digital Advertising FAQ.

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