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September 2022

[Customer Experience] [Mobile]

Integrated Voice of Customer 💬

If you’ve downloaded an app, it’s likely that you took a look at the reviews before you decided to download it. The higher the rating – the more likely you are to download it.

In fact, insights from the 2022 Mobile Customer Engagement Benchmark Report from shows that an increase in a single star from 3 to 4 stars can lead to an 89% increase in app downloads.

At Mercatus, we know how hard grocery retailers work to maintain brand affinity with customers. In an omnichannel world, this is even more critical. We’re excited to provide a brand new VOC feature newly integrated into your customers’ mobile shopping experience.

Let’s take a look at how it works:

  1. After a new user submits their order, they’ll be prompted with a “Love Dialogue” asking them if they love the app.
  2. If the user chooses “Yes,” they will be prompted to leave a rating and a review. Ratings will automatically be linked to the App Store or Google Play Store.
  3. If the user chooses “No,” they will be prompted to fill out a feedback form to provide more details.


With an average 94% engagement rate with the Love Dialogue, the impact on brand reputation and new user downloads is significant. Let’s take a moment to quantify it.

For an average app that gets 100,000 visits per month on the app stores, an improvement from a 3-star to 4-star rating means 45,000 more downloads. With a first-time user conversion rate of 1% and an average basket size of $100, we’re talking about $45,000 additional in top-line revenue.

Amplify the voice of your most loyal fans, resolve negative experiences quickly, and grow your customer base with the Integrated VOC.

Integrated VOC is available today for all Mercatus clients. Ask your Program Manager today for more details.

New to Mercatus? Book a demo with our team to see this feature and our platform in action.

July 2022

[Customer Experience] [Mobile] [Web]

Item Alterations for Pickup Orders 🛒

Customers love having flexibility. In fact, our research shows that “73% of customers prefer self-service for order cancellation or modification vs. talking to customer service.”

It’s why we’re excited to announce item alterations for pickup orders. With this update, customers can now make changes to their order items (e.g. add/remove products, update item quantities, picking instructions, or substitution preferences) up to a customizable number of hours before their pickup time.

Let’s look at a real life example of how order alterations benefits your customers:

Tanya’s kids want to film Taco Tuesday for a TikTok. It’s Monday evening and her weekly grocery order has already been placed for pickup on Tuesday. Fortunately, with the ability to make alterations, Tanya is able to add all her kids’ favorite taco ingredients.

Later on that same evening, she finds out that her kids have invited friends and one of them is vegan. No problem – she can double up her taco ingredients, add a vegan substitute, and even leave specific instructions about substitutions. 👇

And voila! Her pickup order is updated and ready for Taco Tuesday. 🌮

Better customer satisfaction, reduced order cancellations, and lower operational stress on your customer service staff. That’s what we’re taco’ing about!

Upgrade to the latest version* of the Mercatus platform to activate this feature or contact your Mercatus Program Manager for more details.

*Only available for customers using the Mercatus Pick App.

Want a live walkthrough of a feature? Contact your Program Manager or request a live walkthrough with a Mercatus platform specialist.

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