Explore the all-new AisleOne personalization solution.

Mercatus Unveils The Future of Personalized Grocery Marketing with The All-New AisleOne  

HOUSTON, TX – February 13, 2024 – Mercatus, a leading provider of grocery eCommerce solutions, today announced the launch of the all-new AisleOne.   

This intelligent targeting and enhanced personalization solution leverages the customer engagement technology from parent company Relationshop to provide regional grocers and independents with a competitive advantage over national chains, mass merchants, and discounters.  

AisleOne enables grocery retailers to seamlessly activate data insights to deliver a more connected and individualized digital experience for each customer. For grocers using this enhanced personalization capability, results show more cart conversions, higher baskets and an overall sales lift as high as 5% and a 14:1 return on digital engagement investment annually.  

“Growing competition in the grocery industry has led to increasingly fragmented shopper behavior, underscoring the significance of customer retention,” said Randy Crimmins, President, AisleOne. “In order to keep customers engaged, grocery retailers need to deliver a digital experience that is not only seemless and convenient, but relevant to the individual. AisleOne gives regional grocers more control with advanced personalization solutions that transform the shopping experience and grow their market share.”

AisleOne Personalized Grocery Marketing from Mercatus

The challenge: Grocers know the importance of personalization when it comes to enhancing customer engagement, loyalty and overall sales, but often lack the technical capabilities and know-how to turn customer data into a truly personalized experience.  

The opportunity: AisleOne empowers grocers to customize every shopping experience based on their customers’ unique preferences. Every cart tells a different story. AisleOne uses the data from each customer’s story to deliver the right message, with the right offer, at the right time — automatically.  This capability is embedded into the entire customer journey, in store, online and from any device, driving larger basket sizes, less customer churn, and optimized lifetime value.  

“Grocers understand the importance of personally connecting with their customers,” said Crimmins. “The real challenge is finding a cost-effective way to implement and offer tailored experiences to customers without overcomplicating marketing efforts or overburdening IT teams. With AisleOne, every retailer can automate the  delivery of personalized marketing and 1:1 targeting across all channels— without the burden of additional staff, coding or development work.”   

Built on Relationshop’s personalized digital engagement technology, the all-new AisleOne combines proprietary algorithms with decades of grocery-industry experience to deliver a seamless, cost-effective solution. Whether growing share of wallet with a new customer or preventing customer churn through targeted offers, AisleOne’s technology provides grocers with increased incremental sales and bottom-line value, through:  

  • A consistent web and mobile experience configured with dynamic content blocks that offer customers personalized coupons, ads, recipes, and loyalty rewards.  
  • The ability to execute on new loyalty strategies quickly – without additional coding or development time — through easily updated web and mobile content.   
  • Targeted lists for personalized campaigns based on customer demographic and behavioral data.  
  • The aggregation of in-store and online customer data to create actionable insights with a single view of customer data.  
  • Full tracking of shopper engagement campaigns from impression to transaction.  
  • A clear view of ROI on digital engagement programs.  

AisleOne is available as part of the Mercatus Digital Commerce platform or as a standalone integration for regional grocers and independents. To learn how this advanced personalization solution for grocery retail can improve customer retention and overall sales, visit mercatus.com.  

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Mercatus drives digital transformation for retailers through an extensive suite of connected commerce and personalization solutions. We enhance shopper engagement, tailor experiences to individual preferences, and cultivate enduring loyalty across retail businesses of every size. Our mission is to enable retailers to captivate customers, boost sales, foster retention, and deepen loyalty in a digital world. With our cutting-edge solutions, retailers can streamline operations, enrich customer experiences, and realize substantial growth. Embark on the digital transformation journey and unleash the full potential of your retail business with Mercatus. 

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