Create deeper connections with your shoppers

Attract and retain more shoppers with true 1:1 marketing

AisleOne on the Mercatus platform is a grocery personalization engine that helps you build trust with your customers. By creating a highly personalized shopping journey based on their product preferences and shopping patterns, you benefit from increased shopper loyalty and higher spend. Powered by AI technology, personalization is applied automatically across the entire shopper journey, so there’s no input required by your team.

AisleOne grocery personalization builds bigger baskets

$ 700+

average increase in annual spend by engaged customers

+ 90%

increased likelihood of shopping online or in-store after clicking personalized email

1:1 grocery personalization is effective — and easier than you might think

Make each customer feel like the only customer

  • Catalog and search results are tailored to customer preferences
  • Personalized deals and products add a sense of discovery to the shopper journey
  • Basket-building recommendations are based on past purchases

Maximum personalization with minimum effort

  • Automated marketing engine frees up your time for other tasks
  • Personalized email program encourages high click-through rates
  • Artificial intelligence is powered by past purchase, T-Log and adjacent profile data

Help shoppers save time and money while creating a deeper relationship with them. Find out how AisleOne grocery personalization on the Mercatus platform achieves this and more.

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