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Unlock the true power of 1-to-1 eGrocery personalization

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Shoppers expect more from eCommerce

Your shoppers engage in eCommerce every single day. As they interact with various services, they form expectations, comparing you to competitors and others like you.

They have come to expect a personalized shopping experience, and you need to deliver on that. But without the right inputs and destination, personalization can only go so far.

Get personalization right

With AisleOneTM on the Mercatus Platform, you get a personalization intelligence engine, powered by a platform with both the commerce data inputs and holistic engagement experience destination you need.

How it works

Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms informed by deep grocery expertise, the AisleOneTM intelligence engine can automatically serve up personalized shopping services, from individualized flyers to tailored catalog and search results.

The Mercatus Integrated Commerce Platform®️ supercharges AisleOneTM machine learning with extensive data touch points, from T-Log (Transaction Log) to integration services, and enables personalization to reach shoppers at every point of the shopper journey, from email flyer to checkout.

Proven Results

Proven KPI’s that drive growth

Achieve an increase of up to $13 per basket, per week – that’s up to $700 more per year per engaged customer.

Putting marketing emails to the test

Shoppers who open a 1-to-1 weekly product offer email are 40% more likely to go shopping in store or online, and spend up to $7 more per basket.

Promoting the brands they love

Shoppers who open and click on curated promotional offers are 90% more likely to go shopping in store or online, and spend up to $20 more per basket.

Delight shoppers with an experience built just for them

Personalized banner images that attract and engage shoppers

Recommend recipes and other relevant content based on customer preferences

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Introduce new items with guaranteed relevance to the individual shopper

Serve up personalized deals and coupons that increase share of wallet by recapturing lost categories

Mercatus Personalization allows you to tailor offers and incentives through:

Personalized Product Recommendations

Help customers discover new products and drive revenue through one-to-one recommendations that consider each individual’s unique preferences and affinities. Then, promote these recommendations on your website or mobile app.

Personalized Flyers

Offer the right deals, at the right discounts, to the right customers by dynamically presenting flyers on a shopper-by-shopper basis. With just one click, shoppers are able to add deals from the flyer to their basket.

Personalized Search

Give shoppers a “smarter” way to find products based on their needs and preferences. Present search results that shoppers will naturally have an affinity towards so the most relevant items to them appear first.

Want to deliver hyper-relevant experiences to shoppers at any touch point in their purchase journey?

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