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Get the right deals in front of your shoppers and increase online order volume.

Proven Results

Opened and click promo offers result in 90% increase of online and in-store visits.

Shoppers opening 1-to-1 email offers are 40% more likely to shop in store.

Engaged shoppers spend an average $700 more per year, per customer!

Here's how personalization with AisleOne works:

With AisleOne, you’re getting a sophisticated ‘intelligence engine’ that taps into data like purchase history, dietary preferences, and household demographics, and uses machine learning algorithms to serve up relevant content to customers on a 1-to-1 basis.

Collecting Shopper Data & Transaction Logs (T-Logs)

Applying Machine Learning Algorithms

Showcasing Personalized Targeted Content

See grocery eCommerce personalization in action

The Mercatus Integrated eCommerce Platform®️ now brings you closer to your shoppers than ever before, with personalization enhancements designed exclusively to enrich the grocery shopping experience. Watch personalized shopping experiences come to life, in our feature highlight videos below.

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