Announcing the all-new AisleOne personalization solution

Personalized Promotions & Loyalty with Eagle Eye πŸ“£πŸŽ

Grocery leaders know how important personalization and being rewarded for their loyalty means to customer retention. A McKinsey study found that 80% of American consumers want personalized interactions in a retail environment, and personalization at scale can provide a 1-2% sales lift for grocery retailers. Furthermore, successful personalization programs can also reduce marketing and sales costs by around 10-20%.

At Mercatus, we believe that customer convenience is a critical pillar to a profitable omnichannel strategy. When customers see themselves reflected online through personalized promotions and loyalty offers, it creates better customer engagement, loyalty, and retention. That’s why we’ve continued to expand our platform ecosystem by adding Eagle Eye as our newest promotions & loyalty integration.

Mercatus-powered clients now have the ability to provide a variety of different promotional offerings including basket-level offers, multiplier campaigns, product bundles, and more. And with configurable logic, you can even create custom offers for your customer base. A unique Wallet ID for each customer also means that you can offer personalized promotions and loyalty offers to increase digital engagement and ROI from your promotional campaigns.

Real-time cart updates also means that order totals are automatically adjusted with promotional offers during the checkout process so your customers have the confidence their promotions will be applied – increasing cart conversion rates.

In addition to this, loyalty points accumulation and redemptions can now be completed through the Mercatus front-end experiences on web and mobile. With the added features, customers will be able to see points, continuity, and tieiring offers – highlighting value in your loyalty program to improve engagement and sales lift.

Both the promotions and loyalty programs are handled on the back-end by the Mercatus platform and Eagle Eye making it a seamless process for marketing teams to launch or update campaigns.

Let’s take a closer look at this new capability:

Products with promotions attached to them (Figure 1) will have an icon under the product name for easy recognition by customers that there is a promotion available.

promotion icon on products
Figure 1: Products with promotions will be easily identifiable with an icon under the product name and price.

Once the customer clicks into the product description page, they’ll see the available offers attached to the product (Figure 2). With the Eagle Eye integration, you can create a variety of promotional offers to encourage your customers to build their cart and checkout.

Here are a few examples of offer types that are possible:

  • Membership offers (e.g. employee discounts, seniors discounts, etc.)
  • Item-level coupon offers (e.g. $1 off item)
  • Basket-level offers (e.g. category volume discounts)
  • Category-based offers (e.g. wine discounts)
  • Bonus rewards/points offers (e.g. earn 2x times)
Product description pages will have offers clearly labeled for easy clipping.
Figure 2: Product description pages will have offers clearly labeled for easy clipping.

With real-time cart updates (Figure 3), customers will see exactly which promotions have been applied and how much money they’ll be saving. This is particularly important as it will help prevent cart abandonment at a critical stage of the shopping process.

Loyalty points accumulation and redemption is now also available through this integration. With a unique Wallet ID, customers can collect points and redeem them at any time. The checkout page has been redesigned to display points balance and makes it easy for customers to apply points before they checkout.

Checkout pages will have real-time cart updates to indicate offers that apply to customer orders.
Figure 3: Checkout pages will have real-time cart updates to indicate offers that apply to customer orders.

Personalized Promotions & Loyalty with Eagle Eye will be available on web and mobile. Stay tuned for more exciting updates about the new partnership and additional enhancements that will be available in the future.

For Mercatus clients interested in these capabilities, contact your Program Manager to learn more. For prospective clients, contact us at [email protected] for more information and a live demo of our platform.