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Expanded Product Catalog with Salsify

We know how time consuming product catalog management can be. Constantly changing product names, descriptions, and images can be hard to keep up for merchandisers and brand marketers. At the same time, it’s important that product description pages (PDPs) are updated regularly to include relevant keywords, latest brand content, and updated product images. Better content translates to larger baskets, fewer returns and a far better customer experience.

To alleviate the burden of catalog management and improve the customer experience, we’re excited to announce Salsify as a new product catalog integration. The API-powered catalog integration from Salsify will provide Mercatus-powered retailers with the option to incorporate 160,000+ UPCs and 5,000+ brands available on Salsify.

Salsify leverages their industry-leading CommerceXM platform to help you easily and quickly keep your product pages up to date with accurate, maintained product information sourced directly from brands. API integration between Mercatus and Salsify also means that your product content gets refreshed on a daily basis to ensure your product catalog has the latest information (Figure 1).

Image of a product description page with Kraft mayonnaise
Figure 1: Example of a Salsify enabled PDP

For Mercatus retailers looking to use a combination of Syndigo, Salsify, and custom catalogs, you’ll have the ability to prioritize which catalog the Mercatus platform pulls first for your product catalog. Any missing fields will be replaced by the catalog next in your priority list (Figure 2).

Figure 2: PDP management on the Mercatus Console page.

Last but not least, our existing Syndigo integration has been upgraded to an API integration meaning that new updates to the catalog will also be uploaded to PDPs on a daily basis. Whether you’re a Syndigo or Salsify user – we’ve got you covered with the advantages of APIs on both sides.

The expanded product catalog with Salsify is available to all Mercatus-powered retailers. Additional fees apply for activation. Contact [email protected] for more information.