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Introducing: Mercatus Mobile ๐Ÿ›’๐Ÿ“ฑ

As a regional grocer, your existing mobile app may not be meeting your modern customerโ€™s expectations. A mobile app that doesnโ€™t deliver customer convenience can lead to lower customer satisfaction, retention and lifetime value.

Data shows that 25% to 30% of US online grocery shoppers regularly cross-shop between regional grocers and Mass Merchants making it critical for regional grocers to offer a comparable digital experience. But with legacy technology thatโ€™s clunky, expensive to enhance, and hard to build upon, your mobile app may not be delivering on new features and functionality to enhance customer convenience.

To combat these challenges, itโ€™s critical to choose a platform that you can put your brand name on and one that continues to innovate for you. You need a seamless app experience that brings together key features like cart building, personalization, rewards, loyalty, and fulfillment – all to help you achieve omnichannel profitability.

Mercatus Mobile. An entirely new mobile eCommerce experience for grocery retailers.

Purpose built for regional grocers looking to deliver greater customer convenience, Mercatus Mobile gives you the ability to fully control your customer relationships with advanced features and integrations that will drive repeat purchases and lifetime value.

Our white-label app is built upon the leading front and back end frameworks including React Native, and Drupal 9.0, to deliver a fast, responsive, secure, and scalable application. Optimized for cart conversions, Mercatus Mobile also makes it easy for customers to find the items they want quickly and easily.

Additional features of Mercatus Mobile include:

  • Modern, scroll-style feed to drive cart building actions
  • Redesigned checkout process for faster cart conversions
  • Fulfillment integrations with DoorDash Drive and Instacart Connect
  • Flexibility and control over content configuration with Drupal 9.0 CMS
  • Edge-to-edge flyer integration with the Flipp SDK
  • Push notification capability via Airship
  • Enhanced, single-view couponing experience
  • Personalization and rewards & loyalty integrations
  • Support for multiple promotional offers

And this is just the beginning! Our robust product roadmap and a developer friendly platform in React Native will allow for faster feature releases and innovation.

Contact your Program Manager to discuss how you can upgrade to the latest version. For prospective clients looking to upgrade your mobile experience, schedule a call with Sales or learn more on the Mercatus Mobile product page.