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Grocery Trends with Brick Meets Click – April 2021 Insights

Grocery Trends April - Executing the Right eGrocery Strategy Builds Shopper Loyalty

In April 2021, we’re seeing continued growth in grocery pickup orders (up 6 percentage points) over delivery and ship-to-home methods. But while shoppers continue to use these services, they’re still only reporting a 55% repeat intent rate. Grocers have an opportunity to build strong relationships with shoppers by ensuring they’re executing the right eGrocery strategy for a seamless order fulfillment experience. 

Watch the Q&A with David Bishop from Brick Meets Click for insights into important ways that grocers can improve customer experiences by taking control over their eCommerce, from wait times at pickup to securing top notch gig delivery drivers with tipping and order value requirements.

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00:00 Intro

00:46 What is the big takeaway from the April 2021 shopper survey insights?

01:59 Why are we seeing a 16% increase in online grocery sales from last year?

04:19 Why are shoppers choosing curbside grocery pickup over other fulfillment methods?

09:21 What is the risk of a poor grocery pickup experience?

10: 59 What data point surprised you from the April 2021 shopper survey?

13:00 Why do you think repeat intent rate changed from 92% in August 2019 to 75% in April 2021?

15: 24 Why is Walmart concerned about online grocery fulfillment?

19:04 What effect do you think the Colonial pipeline shut down will have on grocery?

23:57 What May 2021 grocery trends can we look forward to?

Ask the Analyst

David Bishop

David Bishop

Partner at Brick Meets Click, David leads Brick Meets Click’s consumer research, retailer benchmarking, and market forecasting programs while also working closely with grocers to improve results flowing from their omnichannel strategies.