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Lessons in Digital Grocery Personalization

Webinar: Lessons in Digital Grocery Personalization

Today’s shoppers want to be treated as an audience of one. Consumers have come to expect-and even demand- this level of personalization, with many considering it the new norm. And, as businesses in other verticals have begun to master the art of web personalization, the expectations of consumers have only intensified. This webinar will introduce you to the concept of digital grocery personalization and provide actionable advice on how to tailor the shopping experience to an individual through decision science.

• What are the technologies and retail practices that are going to matter to grocers over the next few years?
• Understand what’s involved in making the shift to digital grocery personalization.
• Why is it important to distinguish between one-to-many segmentation and one-to-one individualization?
• How can grocers identify and better understand grocery shopper purchase intent?
• Learn what elements are needed for digital grocery personalization success.


Brendan Witcher

Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving eBusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals at Forrester

Kevin Kidd

Director, Product Management at Mercatus

Mark Fairhurst

Senior Director, Marketing at Mercatus